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Sales: 4 tips for good business

Envie de profiter un maximum des soldes ? Découvrez des astuces pour faire des affaires, du repérage de vos pièces préférées au jour J !

The sales are fast approaching… You want to do good business this year? Follow these 4 tips.

How to do good business: Tip #1

The key to doing good business during the sales? The sightings! A few days before the start of hostilities, visit your favourite shops to find your favorite pieces.

Many brands even offer to create a wish list on their website – all you have to do is move all the items in your basket on the day. With the Internet, doing business has never been easier!

How to do good business: Tip 2

The sales are an opportunity to indulge yourself by offering yourself some unusual pieces… but also to replenish your stock of basics! So before you rush into the stores, take a look in your closets to see what you need. Replacing your son’s punctured pants or worn-out blouse at a lower cost is a real bargain!

Feel free to replenish your supplies for the coming seasons. Summer clothes are often cheaper in winter, and vice versa.106

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How to do good business: Tip 3

Black Friday is the perfect time to buy your Christmas gifts without breaking the bank. But be careful: you will have to get up early if you want to do good business, stocks are often limited.

You can also use the sales to prepare your loved ones’ birthday gifts a few months in advance. The benefit is twofold: you will save money and you will avoid the stress of finding an idea at the last minute!

How to do good business: Tip #4

During sales periods, there is sometimes a tendency to be tempted by the tempting promotions of brands. Result? We end up buying things that we don’t really need and that will stay in the back of a closet… Not so much the definition of a good deal!

So, to make sure you don’t spend more than expected, we set a precise budget – if you’ve done some scouting, it’ll be a breeze! The trick is to withdraw just the amount you need and pay in cash.

And what are your tips for doing good business?